IDEAL - the Information DEALer

Project description

Electronic data stacks grow bigger and bigger - and it becomes more difficult to the user to find the information relevant to him in this plentitude. A lot of data bases are daily updated - and the user lacks time to keep pace.

IDEAL means "Information DEALer" and is a computer program for the individual user. It yanks automatically the information that fits to his personal interests from huge databases. The user outlines his individual interest by some key data once. Hitting a single key, he can later on demand retrieve presentations of the newsworthiest informations in this areas, bundled by topic and provided with an abstract.

The appraisal of results by the user serves to optimize the individual serch results. The programm even adapts to a change of user interests over time, if this enters the evaluation.

IDEAL can be used for example to provide the user with a personal newspaper containing all the stuff he's interested in - day by day.

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